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    The first war of Hobba


    [HLF] Senior Administration
    [HLF] Senior Administration

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    The first war of Hobba

    Post  Jedward on Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:12 pm

    I became online in the hotel as soon as I came online Jack ( may he live) said to me in caps ' come help joey is ruining TR Room and kicking people. I went to see the problem and I saw joey ruining the room adding new furni and all that. Then he kicked me. After a while Jack taught me how 2 be invisible and. StiI truimped Joey like this. After it was hard turning all the flames off but jack helped me do it. He told me what to do. After jack gave me a roller and told me to put in front of tele. When I did this he told me to put any crap on it. Then the added furni to room was stuck in the tele. Then I did this all the furni useless like the fire stuff. Jack is cool.

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